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Silent features:

  • 30cm transparent star globe outside, which rotates independently.
  • 12cm political earth globe inside.
  • It shows the path of the elliptic.
  • Constellations and constellation boundaries are well marked.
  • Globe demonstrates the apparent relationship between Earth, stars and galaxies.

A star globe is a representation of the celestial sphere, typically displaying the positions of stars in the night sky. In short form, its uses include:

  1. Astronomy Education:
    • Enhance astronomy education by providing a visual representation of the night sky and celestial objects.
  2. Star Identification:
    • Aid in identifying and locating stars and constellations for amateur astronomers.
  3. Seasonal Celestial Changes:
    • Illustrate how the positions of stars change throughout the seasons.
  4. Stargazing Planning:
    • Assist stargazers in planning observations by showing the positions of stars on a specific date and time.
  5. Celestial Navigation:
    • Support celestial navigation for sailors and explorers by indicating star positions.
  6. Astrophotography Planning:
    • Help astrophotographers plan their shots by indicating the positions of stars and celestial objects.
  7. Cultural and Historical Context:
    • Provide context for cultural and historical astronomical observations and beliefs.
  8. Space Exploration Visualization:
    • Serve as a visual aid for understanding the locations of stars in relation to our solar system.
  9. Artistic Representations:
    • Inspire artistic expressions related to the night sky and celestial beauty.
  10. Public Outreach:
    • Engage the public in astronomy and stargazing through a tangible representation of the stars.
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