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Superior quality, laminated – Chrome Plated Arc – Extra heavy base

Available in English or Hindi or Regional languages

Part No. Type Dia. (cm)
9940-A Globe Political Excel 30
9940-B Globe Physics Excel (Hindi) 30
9940-C Globe Political Excel 20
9940-D Globe Physics Excel (Hindi) 20
9940-E Globe Political (Plastic Base & Arc) 12

Globes have various practical uses in short form:

  1. Geography Education:
    • Enhances understanding of Earth’s geography, including continents, countries, and physical features.
  2. Spatial Awareness:
    • Provides a three-dimensional representation of the Earth’s surface for improved spatial awareness.
  3. Navigation Aid:
    • Assists in teaching navigation concepts, latitude, longitude, and the Earth’s axial tilt.
  4. Cultural and Historical Context:
    • Offers context for historical events, exploration, and cultural geography.
  5. Astronomy Education:
    • Serves as a model for understanding celestial concepts and the Earth’s relationship to the solar system.
  6. Reference for Time Zones:
    • Illustrates time zones and their relation to the Earth’s rotation.
  7. International Relations:
    • Aids in understanding geopolitical relationships and boundaries.
  8. Decorative and Artistic:
    • Functions as a decorative item in homes, offices, and educational institutions.
  9. Global Business:
    • Assists businesses in visualizing global markets, trade routes, and international relations.
  10. Scientific Research:
    • Supports geographic and environmental research by providing a tangible representation of the Earth.
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