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10100-Plane Table Set


10100-Plane Table Set

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  • PLANE TABLE SET (60x75cm) 
  • Complete with Wooden Stand & Accessories : Alidade (Sight Vane), Trough Compass, Spirit Level, Plumbob & Plumbing Fork.
  • Two Types of accessories are available: Aluminium & Brass.

A plane table set, commonly used in surveying and mapping, serves various purposes in short form:

  1. Topographic Mapping:
    • Create detailed topographic maps by plotting points and features directly on the table.
  2. Land Surveying:
    • Conduct land surveys for property boundaries, construction projects, and infrastructure planning.
  3. Military Mapping:
    • Support military operations by quickly mapping terrain features and strategic points.
  4. Geological Surveying:
    • Aid in geological mapping and exploration by recording surface features and formations.
  5. Cartographic Drawing:
    • Facilitate the creation of accurate and detailed maps through on-site drawing and plotting.
  6. Field Data Collection:
    • Collect field data efficiently by directly sketching and recording observations on the table.
  7. Engineering Surveys:
    • Support engineering projects by providing a platform for accurate surveying and mapping.
  8. Environmental Monitoring:
    • Monitor and document environmental features and changes in the field.
  9. Infrastructure Development:
    • Assist in planning and designing infrastructure projects like roads, pipelines, and utilities.
  10. Disaster Response Planning:
    • Contribute to disaster response planning by quickly mapping affected areas and assessing damages.
  11. Urban Planning:
    • Support urban planning initiatives by mapping and visualizing land-use patterns and developments.
  12. Educational Tool:
    • Serve as an educational tool in surveying and cartography courses, providing hands-on experience.
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