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10650-Automatic Tissue Processor


10650-Automatic Tissue Processor

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  • Automatic Tissue Processor is Used for Complete Automatic Dehydration infiltration & fixation of Human, animal & plant Tissues.
  • Gentle Specimen Processing, precision gear mechanism assures utmost convenience in operation, Automatic Agitation allows the effective processing of Tissues.
  • Specification of this Product is Attached as a Seperate File.

An automatic tissue processor serves various purposes in short form:

  1. Histopathology Processing:
    • Facilitate the automated processing of tissue specimens for histopathological examination.
  2. Tissue Fixation:
    • Fix tissues in formalin to preserve cellular structures before further processing.
  3. Dehydration:
    • Remove water from tissues through a series of alcohol solutions for optimal tissue embedding.
  4. Clearing:
    • Replace alcohol with a clearing agent to make tissues transparent for embedding.
  5. Paraffin Embedding:
    • Embed tissues in paraffin wax to facilitate thin sectioning for microscopic analysis.
  6. Microtomy:
    • Enable automated sectioning of embedded tissues into thin slices (sections) for slide preparation.
  7. Staining:
    • Automate the staining process, enhancing consistency and reproducibility in histological staining.
  8. Immunohistochemistry:
    • Support immunohistochemical staining for the detection of specific proteins in tissues.
  9. Research Studies:
    • Assist in tissue processing for various research applications in biology and medicine.
  10. Diagnostic Pathology:
    • Contribute to the preparation of tissue samples for accurate diagnostic pathology assessments.
  11. Biobanking:
    • Process tissues for storage in biobanks, preserving specimens for future research or diagnostics.
  12. Veterinary Pathology:
    • Utilize in the preparation of animal tissues for veterinary pathology studies and diagnoses.
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