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10750-Flame Photometer- Microprocessor


10750-Flame Photometer- Microprocessor

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MODE       RANGE       General Range                Serum range             Urine Range
(ppm)              (meq)             (meq)                    (meq)
Na: 0-100             Up to 250meq/I,        0-200meq/I          0-250meq/I,
I: 100dil.           
K: 0- 100           Up to 250meq/I,        0-10meq/I                 0-100meq/I                
Li: 0- 100             Up to 250meq/I,        0-2meq/I               – – – – – –                                       
I: 5dil.  Ca:0- 100             Up to 250meq/I,        – – – –                0-10meq/I
General Mode:
Na:0. 5ppm, K:0. 5ppm, Li:0.5ppm, Ca: 15ppm  


  • FILTERS  Na & K Supplied (Ca & Li are optional at extra cost)       
  • RESOLUTION                            0.1 ppm/meq.        
  • REPRODUCIBILITY                  + 2%fs + 2 Digits        
  • CURVE FIT ACCURACY         + 2% of FS        
  • DISPLAY          20×4 Character alphanumeric LCD display with backlit       
  • AVERAGE TIME                        in –built in Software        
  • FLAME SYSTEM                       LPG & Dry Oil Free Air        
  • DETECTOR                                Photodiode        
  • CALIBRATION        Up to 5 Point Calibration with Curve Fitting Software       
  •  GAS CONTROL                         Adjustable with Knob      
  •  IGNITION SYSTEM                   Auto Ignition        
  • COMBUSTION GAS                  LPG?        
  • AUTOMISER                              Axial Flow Type        
  • DIMENSIONS                             365x245x220mm Approx. (LxBxH)        
  • PRINTER            Provision for attachment of Dot – Matrix Printer or HP            
  • Laserjet/ Inkjet printer (non-win printers) with Centronics                                                     
  • Parallel interface.         RS 232 INTERFACE               
  • Available (PC software at extra cost)       
  • AIR COMPRESSOR   :With Built –in Regulator And Air Filter to deliver stable And moisture/ oil free air supply        
  • AIR SUPPLY :    By Oil Free Mini Compressor Unit With Pressure Regulator        
  • WEIGHT               Main Unit: 8Kg. (Approx.) Compressor: 8Kg. (Approx.)        
  • POWER SUPPLY                      230V AC + 10%, 50Hz.


  • AIR SUPPLY        By oil free mini compressor unit with pressure regulator       
  • COMBUSTION GAS LPG        Controlled by precision regulator?        
  • POWER                                       230V + 10% AC, 50Hz.        
  • DIMENSIONS                             275W X 192H X 240 D mm (Approx.)        
  • WEIGHT                                      6.25Kg. (Approx.)
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