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10810-Karl Fischer Titrator- Microprocessor


10810-Karl Fischer Titrator- Microprocessor

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  •     MEASURING RANGE            10ppm to 100% of moisture
  •     MEASURING METHOD        Karl Fischer volumetric titration method
  •     K F DISPENSING                   Highly sensitive motorized dispensing system
  •     RESOLUTION OF                   0.0 ml TITRANT VOLUME
  •     INDICATION OF TITRANT    0.00 to 99.99 ml on Display VOLUME
  •     MOISTURE CONTENT          %age: (0.00 to 100%)
  •     CALCULATION (AUTO)         ppm: (10 to 999999), mg H2 0: (0.00 to 999.99)
  •     KF FACTOR                            In Built automatic KF ti9ter Factor calculation facility
  •     END POINT ALARM              Visual LED and Audible alarm
  •     WAIT TIME END POINT       Adjustable (1 to 59 seconds)
  •     DISPENSING PUMP CAL     Available through Keyboard
  •     KEYBOARD                        24 Keys Soft Touch, membrane Type
  •     SAMPLE STORAGE            Upto 20 Latest samples using FIFO memory
  •     DISPLAY                             8 digit bright red, seven segment LED display
  •     CLOCK                                in –built clock with date, time display
  •     STIRRER                             In –built magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed
  •     REAGENT BOTTLE             3x250ml bottle for KF Reagent, Acetone & Calcium Chloride
  •     PRINTER INTERFACE        External Dot matrix Printer interface available
  •     POWER                              230V + 10%, 50Hz
  •     DIMENSIONS                    Lx360xBx290xH 175mm(Approx)
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