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10820-Microprocessor Ph Meter Deluxe


10820-Microprocessor Ph Meter Deluxe

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PARAMETER                                   pH                  mV                   Temp ºC

Range                                   0 to 14.00pH        0 to 1999.9mV            0 to 100ºC

RESOLUTION                            0.01pH              0.1mV                    0.1ºC

ACCURACY                           0.01pH + 1 digit    0.1mV                    0.1ºC

TEMP. COMPENSATION     0 TO 100ºc (auto/ Manual)

CALIBRATION                        AUTO/ MANUAL

AUTO BUFFER                      4.00, 7.00 & 9.20 pH



  •    READ BUFFER                  16×2 Line Alphanumeric LCD Display
  •    STORAGE                        Up to 90 Samples
  •     PRINTERATTACHMENT    Provisions for attachment of any dot – matrix printer withCentronics interface
  •     KEY BOARD                    8 Keys, Soft touch Membrane Type
  •     POWER                          230V + 10% AC, 50Hz.
  •     WEIGHT                        2.5Kg (Approx.)

Note: Microprocessor pH Meter – 1013 with 0.001-pH resolution & 3 point calibration also available.

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