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10920-Submarine Electrophoresis (Horizontal)


10920-Submarine Electrophoresis (Horizontal)

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  • (Also called Horizontal electrophoresis/ Agrose Gel/ PolyAcrylamide Gel Electrophoresis).
  • This elementary unit is fixed with platinum electrode assembly consists of perforated lid for vapors
  • Gel trays 5x7cm. (2 nos.) 10x7cm. (1 nos.)
  • 8 well comb 1.5mm (2 nos.)
  • 3 well comb 3.0mm (1 no.)
  • Comb stand connecting cord & instrument manual.

Here are its uses:

  1. Nucleic Acid Separation:
    • Separate DNA or RNA fragments based on size for analysis, cloning, or other molecular biology applications.
  2. Protein Electrophoresis:
    • Separate proteins based on size and charge, crucial for studying protein structure and function.
  3. DNA Fragment Analysis:
    • Analyze DNA fragments in research and diagnostic settings, such as DNA fingerprinting or genotyping.
  4. RNA Electrophoresis:
    • Separate RNA molecules to analyze gene expression patterns or study RNA structure.
  5. Quality Control in Biotechnology:
    • Verify the purity and integrity of nucleic acids or proteins in biotechnological processes.
  6. Molecular Genetics Research:
    • Aid in various molecular genetics studies by providing a method for isolating and analyzing nucleic acids.
  7. Clinical Diagnostics:
    • Utilize for diagnostic purposes, such as detecting genetic mutations or abnormalities.
  8. Forensic Science:
    • Apply for DNA profiling and forensic analysis to identify individuals or assess crime scene evidence.
  9. Immunoelectrophoresis:
    • Combine with immunological techniques for the separation and identification of proteins.
  10. Virology Research:
    • Investigate viral genomes or proteins for virological research and vaccine development.
  11. Drug Discovery:
    • Use in pharmaceutical research to study interactions between drugs and biomolecules.
  12. Molecular Biology Education:
    • Serve as an educational tool for teaching principles of electrophoresis in molecular biology.
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