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10930-Tablet Disintegration (Digital) Double Jar


10930-Tablet Disintegration (Digital) Double Jar

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  •     UP AND DOWN SPEED                            25 RPM + 2 RPM
  •     ACCURACY                                                  2%
  •     RESOLUTION                                             1 Sec.
  •     OPERATING TEMP. RANG                     0 – 50ºc
  •     POWER                                                        230 + 10% VAC 50Hz
  •     DIMENSIONS                                            320 x 300 x 450mm
  •     WEIGHT                                                      8 Kgs. (Approx.)
  •     ACCESSORIES                                           *1 No. Dust Cover, *1 No. Operation Manual
  •     DIMENSIONS                                             325 X 290 X 290mm, 325 X 290 X 325mm with rods

A digital double jar tablet disintegration apparatus serves various purposes in short form:

  1. Pharmaceutical Quality Control:
    • Assess tablet disintegration time for quality control in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
  2. Drug Formulation Optimization:
    • Optimize tablet formulations by studying and adjusting disintegration properties.
  3. Bioavailability Studies:
    • Contribute to studies evaluating the bioavailability of drugs based on tablet disintegration characteristics.
  4. Generic Drug Equivalence Testing:
    • Compare disintegration times of generic and branded drugs to ensure equivalence.
  5. Tablet Stability Testing:
    • Evaluate the stability of tablets over time by monitoring changes in disintegration behavior.
  6. Research and Development:
    • Support research activities focused on improving tablet disintegration processes and formulations.
  7. Regulatory Compliance Testing:
    • Conduct tests to meet regulatory requirements and ensure pharmaceutical product compliance.
  8. Pharmacokinetic Studies:
    • Contribute to pharmacokinetic studies by understanding how tablet disintegration affects drug release.
  9. Effervescent Tablet Testing:
    • Test disintegration of effervescent tablets commonly used for quick drug delivery.
  10. Educational and Training Purposes:
    • Provide a practical tool for teaching and learning about tablet disintegration in academic settings.
  11. Continuous Manufacturing Process Optimization:
    • Optimize tablet disintegration parameters in continuous manufacturing processes.
  12. Efficiency in Dissolution Testing:
    • Complement dissolution testing by assessing how tablets break down into smaller particles.
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