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11130-Soxhlet and Digestion Units


11130-Soxhlet and Digestion Units

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Product Description:

Soxhlet and Digestion Units (without glass parts): Standard mild steel housing with heating mantles or hot plates for surface temperature upto 300°C. Provided with two horizontal and two vertical rods complete with sockets and screws to hold flasks, individual pilot lamps and energy regulators etc.

Soxhlet and Digestion Units are laboratory apparatus used for specific purposes. In short, their primary uses are:

Soxhlet Unit:

  • Sample Extraction:
    • Efficiently extracting target compounds from solid samples using a cyclic solvent extraction method, commonly employed in chemistry and analytical laboratories.

Digestion Unit:

  • Sample Digestion:
    • Facilitating the decomposition or digestion of samples for subsequent analysis, crucial in preparing samples for elemental analysis or determining chemical composition in various scientific disciplines.


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