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11160-Forced Air Hy Dry Oven


11160-Forced Air Hy Dry Oven

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  • Forced Air Hy Dry oven Usable in chemical pharmaceutical dye buff colors food products textile printing electrical and many other industries
  • Engineered for complete reliability and excellent performance
  • Constructed from M.S angle frame covered with heavy gauge G.I sheet duly finished in epoxy powder coated shade and inner S.S in regular Model
  • High grade glass wool insulation between the wall minimize the heat loss
  • Specially designed GMP Model having inner 316L and exterior 304 S.S Matt finish
  • Evenly distributed elements ensure optimum heat transfer and uniform heating
  • Forced air circulation for internal circulation re- circulation discharge of vapor vent and fresh air in take
  • Digital read out continuously display process temperature and time control panel includes main digital controller with digital timer indicator lamp, main switch booster switches volts meter amp meter etc

A Forced Air Hy Dry Oven is specialized equipment designed for drying applications with forced air circulation. Here’s a brief overview of its uses:

  1. Uniform Drying: Utilized for achieving uniform and rapid drying of materials through forced air circulation.
  2. Moisture Removal: Applied for efficient removal of moisture from various substances or products.
  3. Laboratory Experiments: Found in laboratories for experiments requiring controlled and consistent drying conditions.
  4. Industrial Drying: Used in industrial settings for drying components, parts, or products on a larger scale.
  5. Quality Control: Employed for quality control processes to ensure specific moisture content in materials.
  6. Precision Temperature Control: Equipped with precise temperature controls for accurate and reproducible drying conditions.
  7. Research and Development: Widely used in R&D activities for testing and developing drying processes.
  8. Materials Processing: Integral in processes where controlled moisture removal is critical for the final product.
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