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11320-Multiple Water Bath


11320-Multiple Water Bath

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  • Water Oil/Bath (Multiple) C GMP Series
  • Double walled fully wedded inner 136L& exterior 316S.S matt finish
  • Specially designed long lasting refractory type elements
  • Microprocessor based PID temp. controller with pt—100 as a sensor
  • Selection for pump or stirring assembly
  • Selection of lid for beaker, flask, dye pot rack or calibration well
  • Usable as circulatory & immersion test
  • Temperature range: above ambient to 250c

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Inner size capacity (LXWXD) Working size shape


11320-A 12”X14”X8” 20 LTRS 8”X14”X8” Rectangular
11320-B 18”X14”X8” 33 LTRS 14”X14”X8” Rectangular
11320-C 20”X12”X9” 36 LTRS 16”X12”X9” Rectangular

Multiple water baths are versatile and commonly used for:

  1. Simultaneous Processes: Running multiple experiments or processes concurrently.
  2. Parallel Incubation: Incubating several samples or cultures at the same time.
  3. Temperature Gradient Studies: Creating different temperature zones for research.
  4. High-Throughput Testing: Enabling efficient testing of multiple samples.
  5. Multi-Temperature Reactions: Conducting reactions at various temperatures simultaneously.
  6. Sample Variability: Handling diverse samples with different temperature requirements.
  7. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent conditions for quality assurance purposes.
  8. Parallel Thawing: Thawing multiple frozen samples simultaneously.
  9. Routine Laboratory Work: Supporting various routine lab tasks with efficiency.
  10. Educational Demonstrations: Facilitating simultaneous experiments in educational settings.
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