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11350-Serological Water Bath


11350-Serological Water Bath

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Product Details:

Usage/Application LABORATORY
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Rectangular
Temperature Range Ambient to 99 Deg Celcuis
Automation Type Semi-Automatic


  • Double walled filled with high grade glass wool insulation between the walls
  • Exterior of M.S giddily finished in epoxy power coated shade in regular model
  • Selection of controller either hydraulic thermostat, solid state digital indicating
  • Controller or microprocessor based PID controller
  • GMP model having inner 304 and exterior 304 S.S matt finish
  • Selection of regular and GMP model
  • Long –lasting u type water heater
  • Temperature range: 5c above ambient to 70c
  • Operators on 230 volts

A Serological Water Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Serological Testing: Providing a controlled environment for serological procedures.
  2. Antigen-Antibody Reactions: Facilitating reactions in immunological assays.
  3. Blood Typing: Supporting blood typing and cross-matching procedures.
  4. Enzyme Reactions: Maintaining optimal conditions for enzymatic reactions.
  5. Microbiological Cultures: Creating a controlled setting for microbial cultures.
  6. Quality Control: Ensuring consistency in temperature-sensitive tests.
  7. Clinical Diagnostics: Used in laboratories for various diagnostic assays.
  8. Incubation of Cell Cultures: Supporting the growth of cells under controlled conditions.
  9. Hematology Procedures: Assisting in various blood-related laboratory analyses.
  10. Research and Development: Utilized in R&D activities for serological studies and experiments.
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