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11400-Temperature Bath for Viscometer


11400-Temperature Bath for Viscometer

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  • Temperature Bath for Viscometer/Evaporator
  • Highly accurate designed bath
  • Double walled inner 304 S.S. mirror finish and exterior also made of S.S 304 matt finish
  • High grade PUFF insulation to minimize the heat exchange
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller with dual Digital indicator for SET & process value
  • Consist with pump cum stirring assembly for model of viscometer
  • Selection for heating or cooling model

Technical Specifications:

Part No. Size capacity (LXWXD) Temp. Range Temp. Accuracy
11400-A 7”L X 13” WX 5”D



To 250 c

±0.01 c
11400-B 7”L X13”WX6”D


-20 c to

+150 c

±0.01 c
11400-C 7” L X 13”WX6” D

600ML Beaker

-50 c to

+100 c

±0.01 c
11400-D 10” DIA X 6” Depth Above Ambient to 75 c ±0.1 c
11400-E 12”dia x 6 ½” Depth Above Ambient To 75 c ±0.1 c

A Temperature Bath for Viscometer is commonly used for:

  1. Viscosity Testing: Providing a controlled temperature for accurate viscosity measurements.
  2. Consistency in Testing: Ensuring consistent temperature conditions for viscometer analysis.
  3. Fluid Dynamics Experiments: Supporting studies on the flow properties of fluids.
  4. Quality Control: Maintaining precise temperature for reliable viscosity assessments.
  5. Calibration: Used in the calibration of viscometers for accurate readings.
  6. Research and Development: Supporting R&D activities in fluid dynamics and rheology.
  7. Industrial Applications: Employed in various industries for viscosity control of fluids.
  8. Material Characterization: Assessing the viscosity of materials for characterization.
  9. Process Optimization: Ensuring optimal conditions for viscosity-related processes.
  10. Standardization: Providing a stable temperature environment for standardization of viscosity testing procedures.
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