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11420- Viscosity Bath


11420- Viscosity Bath

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  • Constant temperature bath designed for accurate convenient and economical determination of viscosity
  • Durable stainless steel interior and exterior epoxy powder coating finish
  • Microprocessor based temp. controller with Dual Digital indicator
  • Specially designed pump cum stirring assembly for high accuracy and uniformity
  • Perfectly sealed glass window for all model and two pan glass window for low temperature models
  • Illumination by fluorescent tubes or lamp for clear visibility of test

A Viscosity Bath is commonly used for:

  1. Viscosity Testing: Providing a controlled environment for accurate viscosity measurements.
  2. Consistency in Analysis: Ensuring consistent temperature conditions for precise viscosity assessments.
  3. Quality Control: Maintaining optimal temperature for reliable viscosity testing.
  4. Calibration: Used for the calibration of viscometers to ensure accuracy.
  5. Research and Development: Supporting R&D activities in fluid dynamics and rheology.
  6. Industrial Applications: Employed in various industries for viscosity control of fluids.
  7. Material Characterization: Assessing the viscosity of materials for characterization.
  8. Process Optimization: Ensuring optimal conditions for viscosity-related processes.
  9. Standardization: Providing a stable temperature environment for standardization of viscosity testing procedures.
  10. Fluid Dynamics Experiments: Supporting studies on the flow properties of fluids.
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