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11490-Oil Bath Circulator


11490-Oil Bath Circulator

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  • Oil Bath (Precision) Circulator
  • Specially designed for calibration of sensor. also usable for small distillations catalic experiment circulation at higher temperature
  • Double walled in construction with inner made of heavy gauge 304 stainless & exterior of G.I sheet finish with epoxy powder coated shade
  • Inner 316L and exterior 304 S.S matt finish in GMP Model
  • Fan cooled motor powers impeller pump for internal as well external circulation pump output from 6 Lt. per minute with 5 feet head in standard
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature controller for precise accuracy• Specially designed long life stainless steel heaters

An Oil Bath Circulator is commonly used for:

  1. Precise Temperature Control: Providing accurate and stable temperature conditions.
  2. Thermal Reactions: Supporting chemical reactions requiring controlled heating.
  3. Cryogenic Applications: Facilitating both heating and cooling for versatile applications.
  4. Temperature-sensitive Processes: Ensuring optimal conditions for various processes.
  5. Circulation: Efficiently circulating heated or cooled oil for uniform temperature distribution.
  6. Condensation and Distillation: Assisting in processes like distillation and condensation.
  7. Quality Control: Maintaining consistent temperature for testing and analysis.
  8. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in a range of scientific experiments and procedures.
  9. Industrial Research: Applied in research and development activities in industries.
  10. Material Testing: Supporting tests that require controlled temperature conditions.
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