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11680-Rectangular Hot Plate


11680-Rectangular Hot Plate

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  • Plates are in rectangular shape
  • Top plate over hangs by supporting M.S. pillars allows air insulation between plate and control compartment to keep control compartment cool
  • Long lasting nichrome elements
  • Body made of thick mild steel/G.I sheet duly finishing in epoxy power coated shade in Regular Model
  • Body made of stainless – steel & plate also made of S.S in GMP Model
  • With energy regulator and three heat control switch
  • Surface temperature: 300c
  • Operates on 230 volts A.C.

A Rectangular Hot Plate in laboratories is commonly used for:

  1. Uniform Heating: Providing even and controlled heating across a flat surface.
  2. Chemical Reactions: Supporting various chemical reactions and synthesis processes.
  3. Sample Evaporation: Assisting in the evaporation of solvents from samples.
  4. Heating Solutions: Warming liquids for different laboratory applications.
  5. Temperature-sensitive Procedures: Ideal for processes requiring precise temperature control.
  6. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent temperature conditions for testing and analysis.
  7. Laboratory Experiments: Utilized in a wide range of scientific experiments and procedures.
  8. Educational Labs: Widely employed in educational institutions for teaching purposes.
  9. Material Testing: Supporting tests that require controlled and direct heating.
  10. Efficient and Safe Heating: Providing a safer alternative to open flame heating in laboratories.
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