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11810-Photostability Chamber


11810-Photostability Chamber

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  • Newly developed photo stability chamber to meet ICH compliant and illumination in
  • accordance with ICH- QIB option 2 & 1 guideline
  • High reflectivity stainless steel 316L interior 304 S.S matt finish in c GMP or G.I powder finish in standard Model
  • Microprocessor based PID temperature and optional humidity % RH controller with dual digital indicator
  • range: 10c to 40c with accuracy ±0.5c
  • Microprocessor light expose control lighting energy available amounting 1.2 w X 1000000 L x hour with UV energy – 200 watt hour
  • CFC free cooling system includes hermetically sealed compressor, condenser, fan motor
  • Motorized exhaust to remove out heat air generated by the tube light
  • Optional communication software for data management
  • Safety inter lock door switch to prevent accident UV exposure

A Photostability Chamber is commonly used for:

  1. Drug Stability Testing: Assessing the stability of pharmaceuticals under light exposure.
  2. Photodegradation Studies: Studying the impact of light on the degradation of materials.
  3. UV Testing: Evaluating the effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on samples.
  4. Cosmetics Testing: Assessing the photostability of cosmetic products.
  5. Product Shelf-life Determination: Contributing to the determination of product shelf life.
  6. Pharmaceutical Development: Utilized in pharmaceutical research and development.
  7. Quality Control: Ensuring consistent conditions for testing and analysis.
  8. Material Testing: Studying the stability of various materials under light exposure.
  9. Accelerated Aging Studies: Mimicking long-term exposure to light for accelerated aging assessments.
  10. Research and Development: Applied in studies related to photochemical reactions and stability.
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