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12060-Seed Divider – Gamet Type


12060-Seed Divider – Gamet Type

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Product Details:

Brand LTI

We are the manufacturer of seed divider – gamet type


principle : centrifugal action. Size : 380 x 310 x510 mm (approx). Disc : rotating neoprene disc. Body parts material : hopper, wear parts – plated brass, cylinder housing – stainless steel. Base : painted cast iron. Leveling : through 3 no. Of screws at base and a level indicator. Suitability : for seeds and grain even with awan, beard and glumestop lift-off : hopper and cylinder top lift-off for easy access to inner parts for cleaning. Hopper capacity : 2 kg. Motor : 1/10 hp. Operating voltage : 220 v, 50 hz, ac.

A seed divider, specifically the Gamet Type, is a device used for dividing and distributing seeds evenly. In short, its primary use is for:

Even Seed Distribution:

  • Ensuring uniform distribution of seeds for research, experimentation, or planting purposes, promoting consistent growth and analysis.
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