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12090-Karl Fischer Titremeter


12090-Karl Fischer Titremeter

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We offer Karl Fischer Titremeter that is versatile, compact, rugged & easy to operate instrument to determine moisture contents in liquids & powders. It has auto titration control, auto zero burette, adjustable timer, visual & audible alarm. It display array of 10 led’s in line. It indicated run add end display in auto mode. It detct current sensing by electronic control. It has highly sensitive solenoid control valve for automatic control of k. F. Reagent. Its various accessories are burette (clear glass) 10 ml, reservoir bottle 500 ml, rubber bellow for pumping air, titration cell 200 ml, dual platinum electrode, PTFE coated magnetic stirring capsule, nozzle, moisture trap with rubber tubing.

A Karl Fischer titrator is a device used for measuring trace amounts of water in a substance. In short, its primary use is for:

Water Content Analysis:

  • Quantifying and analyzing the moisture content in various substances through the Karl Fischer titration method, essential in industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemical manufacturing.
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