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12100-Ultra Violet Viewing Cabinet


12100-Ultra Violet Viewing Cabinet

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  • Usable for viewing paper and thin layer chromatograms
  • I epoxy powder coated cabinet in regular Model
  • 316L S.S cabinet with matt finish in GMP Model
  • With enclosed long and short wave light sources
  • Provides an enclosed viewing space which eliminates external light interference
  • Cabinet features a special filter that absorbs UV energy before it reaches your eyes “optional”
  • Use with ultra violet lamp for observing fluorescent effect on chronograms etc.
  • Operates on 230 volts A/C

Technical Specifications: 

Part  NO. Model
12100-A Single wave length
12100-B Double wave length

An ultraviolet (UV) viewing cabinet is a device used for visualizing materials under UV light. In short, its primary use is for:

UV Inspection:

  • Examining and inspecting materials, such as fluorescent substances, gels, or documents, under ultraviolet light for fluorescence or other characteristics in research, forensics, and quality control.
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