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12410-Chromatography Low Temperature Cabinet


12410-Chromatography Low Temperature Cabinet

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  • Designed to meet all chromatography instrumentation needs
  • Stable below ambient temperature for life science and laboratory application
  • Stainless steel interior and exterior epoxy powder coated finish
  • Electronic temp. controller with digital temperature display having resolution with in 0.1 c
  • Self closing double two pane glass doors swinging lockable
  • Two vapor proof duplex outlets one continuous on and one switched from control panel
  • Removable interior shelves
  • Two access ports with hinged covers
  • Independent power switched for interior outlets and interior lights

A Chromatography Low-Temperature Cabinet is a storage unit designed for preserving chromatographic columns and related materials at low temperatures. In short, its primary use is for:

Column Storage:

  • Safely storing chromatography columns and associated items at low temperatures, ensuring stability and extending the shelf life of chromatographic materials in laboratories.
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