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12420-Tissue Culture Rack


12420-Tissue Culture Rack

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Tissue culture racks are very useful for various types of tissue culture plants and other tissue culture work in tissue culture room.

Made By : Tissue rack are made of tubular mild steel pipes duly painted for longer life or made of aluminum.

Racks : Each rack of size 48″x18″ (depth) is covered with thick glass or sun mica paste dour board. Distance between each rack is 15″.

Lighting: Four fluorescent tubes are glare free lights are built in upper portion in worktable.

UV Germicidal Light: Are fitted inside the rack.

Chocks: All fluorescent tubes chocks and ultra violet germicidal tube chocks are fitted outside of rack.

Timer: 0-24 Hours Digital Timers are provided of tissue culture rack.

Control Panels: All control panels are fitted tops of tissue culture racks. On/Off switch of

fluorescent tubes and UV tubes. All control panels are fitted separately in each rack with indicator light.

Easy Mobility: The whole rack is provided with four nos. castor wheels at the bottom for easy mobility to any place.

A Tissue Culture Rack is a specialized shelving unit used for organizing and storing tissue culture supplies in laboratories. In short, its primary use is for:

Tissue Culture Organization:

  • Efficiently storing and organizing tissue culture vessels, media, and other supplies in laboratories, facilitating a controlled environment for cell culture and research.
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