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12440-Block Digestion System


12440-Block Digestion System

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  • Designed for all wet digestion and oxidation techniques such as kjeldhal nitrogen determination, chemical oxidation demand (COD) procedures, metal determination the preparation of sample
  • Prior to analysis and many more application
  • A clean dry controlled method of heating
  • Solid state electronic temperature controller with digital indicator and PT- 100 as a sensor
  • Special refractory type heaters for excellent uniform heating
  • Interior block sitting made of stainless steel exterior of G.I epoxy powder coated finish
  • Selection of model for kjedhahl digestion test COD test and oxidation test

A Block Digestion System is a laboratory device used for sample digestion in various chemical analyses. In short, its primary use is for:

Sample Digestion:

  • Facilitating the digestion of samples, typically using blocks that can be heated, for preparation in chemical analyses such as elemental determination or organic compound testing in laboratories.
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