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12480-Antibiotic Zone Reader


12480-Antibiotic Zone Reader

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  • This is very compact and designed for measuring the diameter of finished zone in petri dish for determining the strength of antibiotic materials
  • Unit made of stainless steel 316L in GMP Model
  • This antibiotic zone reader measure the diameter of the inhibited zone within the range of 0to 35mm with accuracy of 0.2mm
  • The light from inside source of the base passes up through the transparent and semitransparent of the agar then to a refracting mirror situated in an arm above the unit
  • The mirror reflects the light to a glass prism mounted at the magnified image of the zone of in habitations is clearly visible on the prism

An Antibiotic Zone Reader is a laboratory device used for measuring and interpreting the zones of inhibition in antimicrobial susceptibility testing. In short, its primary use is for:

Zone Measurement:

  • Measuring and analyzing the zones of inhibition on agar plates, aiding in the determination of antimicrobial susceptibility and resistance patterns in microbiology laboratories.
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