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12510-Low Temperature Cabinet


12510-Low Temperature Cabinet

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  • Low Temperature Cabinet (Upright Model)
  • Designed and constructed to meet temperature storage store needs of all modern laboratory
  • Built to meet the highest standard of performance and quality
  • Heavy gauge stainless steel interior and exterior durable high impact epoxy powder coating finish to resist rusting
  • Two in depended door with gasket up to model – 20 c for perfect sealing to eliminate frost built up
  • Minimum 3” PUF insulation in all models
  • Five compartment having individual insulation inner doors in model of -40c 7- 70 c to minimize cold air loss.
  • Heavy duty, hermetically sealed CFC free cooling system
  • The temperature is being controlled by solid state electronic temperature controller with digital indicator
  • Low profile, heavy duty casters for mobility and key lock door for security

A Low Temperature Cabinet is a storage unit designed to maintain low temperatures for preserving sensitive materials. In short, its primary use is for:

Low-Temperature Storage:

  • Preserving biological samples, vaccines, or other temperature-sensitive materials at low temperatures, commonly used in laboratories, healthcare, and research institutions.
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