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  • This is an all Solid State instrument for monitoring spontaneous & induced Ambulatory activity of laboratory animals.
  • Provided in a powder coated sturdy body with bakelite meters & superior quality design.
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Actophotometer (Activity Cage)


An actophotometer, also known as an activity cage, is a device used to measure the activity or movement of organisms, particularly small animals, in a controlled environment. Its primary uses include:

Activity Measurement:

  • Quantifying the locomotor activity of animals, providing data on their movement patterns and behavior over time.

Circadian Rhythm Studies:

  • Studying the circadian rhythm and daily activity cycles of organisms, offering insights into their physiological and behavioral patterns.

Pharmacological Research:

  • Assessing the effects of drugs or experimental treatments on the activity levels of test subjects, aiding in pharmacological and behavioral research.

Neuroscience Studies:

  • Investigating the impact of neurological conditions or interventions on the activity of animals, contributing to neuroscience and neuropharmacology research.

Toxicology Assessments:

  • Evaluating the effects of toxins or environmental factors on the activity and behavior of organisms, particularly in toxicity studies.

Research in Ethology and Physiology:

  • Conducting studies on animal behavior and physiology, providing valuable information for ethological and physiological research.
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