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12910-Y – MAZE


12910-Y – MAZE

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  • There are different types of Mazes Available for Pharmacy Experiments.
  • These are used in experiment to determine the nature of rats against light by principle of electric shock.
Part No. Types
12910-Y Y-Maze
12910-X X- Maze
12910-Z Z-Maze

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Spatial Memory and Exploration:

  • Assesses spatial memory and exploration behavior in rodents.

Choice-based Experiments:

  • Provides a choice-based setup where rodents navigate through the Y-shaped maze, making decisions at each arm.

Learning and Memory Studies:

  • Used to study learning abilities and memory retention in experimental animals.

Cognitive Function Assessment:

  • Evaluates cognitive functions, including working memory and spatial navigation.

Psychological Testing:

  • Serves as a tool for psychological testing, especially in the context of rodent behavioral experiments.

Drug Effects and Interventions:

  • Investigates the impact of drugs or interventions on decision-making and memory in a controlled environment.

Neuroscience Research:

  • Widely used in neuroscience research to understand the neural basis of behavior and cognition.

Behavioral Phenotyping:

  • Part of behavioral phenotyping studies to characterize the behavioral traits of animals.

Anxiety and Stress Response:

  • Used to assess anxiety-related behavior and stress response in rodents.

Reproducible Experimental Design:

  • Offers a reproducible experimental design for consistent assessment of rodent behavior.
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