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13040-Bedside Locker


13040-Bedside Locker

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  • Overall approximate size: 41 cm (W) x 41 cm (D) x 81 cm (H)
  • Three S.S. Shelves provided with guard rails
  • Strong S.S. Tubular frame mounted on rubber shoes

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Patient Belongings:

  • Provides a designated space for patients to store personal belongings, ensuring easy access.

Essentials Accessibility:

  • Keeps essential items such as water, medications, and personal items within reach of the patient.

Medical Supplies:

  • Stores medical supplies and equipment needed for immediate patient care.


  • Contributes to the organization of patient care items, promoting a tidy and efficient environment.

Privacy and Security:

  • Safeguards personal items and valuables, offering a sense of privacy and security.


  • Enables easy mobility, allowing patients to move personal items along with them when needed.

Hospital and Clinic Use:

  • Commonly used in hospitals and clinics to enhance patient comfort and convenience.

Recovery and Rehabilitation:

  • Useful during recovery and rehabilitation, providing a dedicated space for patient necessities.

Efficient Care:

  • Facilitates efficient care provision by keeping essential items within close proximity.

Overbed Table Support:

  • Can function as support for overbed tables, offering additional surface area for various activities.
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