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13120-Stainless Steel Basin


13120-Stainless Steel Basin

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Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Medical Procedures:

  • Used in healthcare settings for medical procedures, such as washing and cleaning.

Surgical Instrument Holding:

  • Holds surgical instruments during medical and surgical procedures.

Patient Care:

  • Used for patient care activities, including washing hands and face.

Laboratory Use:

  • Applied in laboratories for various tasks like mixing and holding substances.

Personal Hygiene:

  • Suitable for personal hygiene purposes, like handwashing or bathing.

Beauty and Cosmetology:

  • Used in beauty salons and cosmetology for hair washing and treatments.

Food Preparation:

  • Used in kitchens for food preparation and washing fruits and vegetables.

General Cleaning Tasks:

  • Ideal for holding water or cleaning solutions during general cleaning activities.

Industrial and Manufacturing:

  • Applied in industrial settings for tasks requiring the use of liquids or solutions.

Multipurpose Utility:

  • Versatile utility for holding, mixing, and transporting liquids in various settings.
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