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13170-Semi Fowler Hospital Bed


13170-Semi Fowler Hospital Bed

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  • Overall approximate size: 198 L x 90 W x 60 H cm
  • Framework made of 16 Guage strong ERW steel tube mounte don four rubber shoes
  • Four section 18 Gauge press bent steel top back rest section maneuvered by a screw lever from foot end
  • Head and leg bows of M.S. Tubular pipes with vertical bars
  • Four saline locations available
  • Pre treated and epoxy powder coated

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Patient Comfort:

  • Provides customizable positions to enhance patient comfort during hospital stays.

Medical Procedures:

  • Supports medical procedures and examinations by offering adjustable patient positions.

Post-Surgery Recovery:

  • Ideal for patients recovering from surgery, allowing varied positions for comfort.

Respiratory Care:

  • Facilitates improved breathing and respiratory care through adjustable head and foot positions.

Mobility Assistance:

  • Assists patients in changing positions, promoting mobility within the bed.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention:

  • Aids in pressure ulcer prevention by allowing regular changes in body positions.

Patient Monitoring:

  • Supports easy monitoring of patients by adjusting bed positions for healthcare professionals.

Maternity Care:

  • Used in maternity wards for comfortable birthing positions and postpartum care.

Home Healthcare:

  • Suitable for home healthcare settings, providing adaptable features for patients at home.

Versatile and Adjustable:

  • Versatile bed design with adjustable features catering to diverse patient needs.
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