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13300-Hospital Light


13300-Hospital Light

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  • 20″ Dia. Dome
  • Fitted with imported Halogen bulbs 24v-150w
  • heavy duty step down transformer concealed i base
  • Sterilizable central handle
  • heat absorbing and color correcting special
  • Filter glasses
  • Provided with standby bulb
  • Lux 5000 +- 10% at 90 Cm

Their uses can be summarized as follows:

General Illumination:

  • Provides overall illumination in hospital rooms, corridors, and common areas.

Patient Room Lighting:

  • Offers adjustable lighting in patient rooms for various activities, such as reading and resting.

Examination Lighting:

  • Used for focused and adjustable lighting during medical examinations and procedures.

Surgical Illumination:

  • In operating rooms, supports bright and shadow-free lighting for surgical procedures.

Emergency Lighting:

  • Serves as part of emergency lighting systems to ensure visibility during power outages.

Diagnostic Lighting:

  • Provides specific lighting conditions for diagnostic procedures and medical imaging.

Ambient Lighting:

  • Contributes to creating a comfortable and healing environment in healthcare spaces.

Infection Control:

  • Some lights are designed with materials promoting easy cleaning for infection control.

Adjustable Intensity:

  • Allows for adjustable light intensity to meet the diverse needs of different healthcare activities.

Task-Specific Lighting:

  • Customized for specific tasks, such as reading, charting, or bedside procedures.
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