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13390-Electrical ICU Bed


13390-Electrical ICU Bed

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Electrical ICU Bed

(1) MS powder coated frame work.

(2) Perforated powder coated four sections Top.

(3) SS/Aluminium Protective Side railing.

(4) Remote controlled Backrest, Leg rest, Height adjustment and Trendalburge / Reverse trendalburg with battery backup.

(5) 125 mm castors, 2 with brakes.

(6) Detachable ABS Head & foot panels & telescopic IV Rod. Size : 1900 L x 900 W x 460/750 H mm.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Critical Care Support:

  • Provides a specialized bed for patients requiring intensive medical care in the ICU.

Electrical Adjustment:

  • Features electrically powered adjustments for bed height, backrest, leg elevation, and other positions.

Patient Comfort:

  • Enhances patient comfort with customizable positioning for various medical conditions.

Mobility and Rotation:

  • Allows for easy mobility and rotation of the bed to facilitate patient care and procedures.

Monitoring Integration:

  • Often equipped to integrate with monitoring devices and medical equipment for continuous patient assessment.

Pressure Ulcer Prevention:

  • Supports pressure ulcer prevention with features like alternating pressure mattress systems.

Respiratory Care:

  • Facilitates respiratory care by enabling the elevation of the patient’s upper body for optimal breathing.

Ease of Nursing Care:

  • Designed to ease the provision of nursing care, medication administration, and medical procedures.

Safety Features:

  • Incorporates safety features, such as siderails and brakes, to ensure patient safety.

Versatile Medical Care:

  • Adaptable for various medical conditions, surgeries, and treatments in the ICU.


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