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13460-Orthopedic OT Table


13460-Orthopedic OT Table

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Product Details:

Size Any
Color Different

Four Sectional radiolucent top.

  • Eccentrically positioned top for maximum access for movement of C- Arm image intensifier.
  • Base and cover made of heavy & hygienic stainless steel sheet.
  • Mobile on smooth running castors and floor locking system for stability.
  • Leg section and head section are Interchangeable.

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Orthopedic Surgeries:

  • Specifically designed to support various orthopedic surgical procedures.

Positioning Flexibility:

  • Provides flexibility in patient positioning to accommodate different orthopedic surgeries.

C-arm Compatibility:

  • Often equipped with features to be compatible with C-arm imaging for real-time visualization.

Stability and Durability:

  • Designed to provide stability and durability during orthopedic surgeries.

Surgeon-Friendly Design:

  • Features a design that facilitates ease of use for orthopedic surgeons.

Joint Replacement:

  • Suitable for joint replacement surgeries, such as hip and knee replacements.

Spinal Procedures:

  • Used for orthopedic spinal procedures, including spinal fusion and disc surgeries.

Trauma Surgery:

  • Supports orthopedic trauma surgeries, such as fracture fixation and bone realignment.

Patient Safety:

  • Prioritizes patient safety and comfort during orthopedic interventions.

Hygienic Design:

  • Constructed with materials promoting hygiene and ease of cleaning.
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