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13490-IV Stand


13490-IV Stand

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Product Details:

Color Brown / Black, White

(1) ms powder coated tubular column.

(2) plastic base with 5 cm castor.

(3) ss iv rod with two hook.

(4) height adjustment : 130-240 cm

Its uses can be summarized as follows:

Intravenous Infusion:

  • Supports the delivery of fluids, medications, and blood products directly into the bloodstream.

Patient Hydration:

  • Used for maintaining or restoring patient hydration levels through IV fluids.

Medication Administration:

  • Facilitates the administration of medications, including antibiotics and pain relief, via intravenous route.

Emergency Situations:

  • Essential in emergency and critical care settings for quick and efficient IV access.

Post-Surgery Recovery:

  • Used during post-surgery recovery to provide necessary fluids and medications.


  • Utilized in oncology settings for administering chemotherapy drugs intravenously.

Parenteral Nutrition:

  • Supports the delivery of parenteral nutrition for patients unable to receive nutrients orally.

Fluid Resuscitation:

  • Aids in fluid resuscitation in cases of dehydration, shock, or trauma.

Adjustable Height:

  • Often designed with adjustable height features for patient comfort and convenience.

Stability and Mobility:

  • Provides a stable platform with wheels for easy mobility within healthcare settings.
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