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  • Rheostats are used as series resistors or potentiometers.
  • Open slide wire type with a variety of resistance and current carrying capacity.
  • Copper nickel alloys wire is oxidized to provide perfect insulation.
  • It comes in various types of sizes, 6″,8″,10″, 12″ etc.
  • They can be customized as per specific requirement also.

A rheostat is used for:

  1. Variable Resistance:
    • Adjusting Current: Controls the flow of electric current in a circuit by providing variable resistance.
  2. Light Intensity Control:
    • Dimmer Function: Adjusts the brightness of lights by regulating the electrical current.
  3. Heating Control:
    • Temperature Adjustment: Manages the heat output in devices by controlling the electric current.
  4. Educational Demonstrations:
    • Teaching Tool: Used in educational settings to demonstrate the concept of resistance in electrical circuits.
  5. Electronics Testing:
    • Circuit Testing: Assists in testing and calibrating electronic circuits by varying resistance.
  6. Motor Speed Control:
    • Motor Adjustment: Controls the speed of motors in various applications.
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