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13960-Electrically Operated Meldes Exp Tuning Fork

13960-Electrically Operated Meldes Exp Tuning Fork

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Product Details:

Usage Industrial, Laboratory
Size Many
Dimension 10 x 25 x 300 mm

Mounted on sturdy streamlined base with provision for horizontal or vertical use. Fork is manufactured from selected steel. Prong is 10 x 25 x 300 mm. Accurate frequency adjustment, Electromagnet can work on 8 Volts.

An Electrically Operated Melde’s Experiment Tuning Fork is often abbreviated as “EOMETF” or simply “Melde’s Tuning Fork.” In a laboratory setting, it is used for:

  • Demonstrating and studying wave properties, especially standing waves
  • Conducting experiments on resonance and frequency
  • Investigating the principles of wave interference
  • Educational activities related to acoustics and wave mechanics
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