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14300-Petrol Engine (Four Stroke)

14300-Petrol Engine (Four Stroke)

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Petrol Engine comes in two types:

    * Four Stroke

    * Two Stroke

The above product is nicely finished & export worthy quality.

It is demostration type with moving parts.

Complete description is given on models key card.

Air cooled, four stroke, with operation of valves clearly shown.

Mounted on a polished metal base with schematic diagram, overall height 450 mm approx.

A Petrol Engine (Four-Stroke) is often abbreviated as “PE-FS” or simply referred to as a “Four-Stroke Petrol Engine.” In various applications, especially in automotive and power generation, it is used for:

  • Vehicle propulsion (gasoline/petrol-powered vehicles)
  • Power generation in small machines
  • Electrical power generation in standalone generators
  • Industrial machinery
  • Recreational vehicles (motorcycles, ATVs)
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