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Part no.  SIZE Pack Qty.
1790-9 PTF 9 10
1790-13 PTF 13 10
1790-16 PTF 16 10
1790-19 PTF 19 10
1790-22 PTF 22 10
1790-27 PTF 27 10

Potential Uses:

  1. Chemical Handling: PTFE stoppers are commonly used in laboratories for sealing containers holding various chemicals. Their chemical inertness makes them suitable for applications involving corrosive or reactive substances.
  2. High-Temperature Applications: PTFE has a high melting point and is resistant to high temperatures. PTFE stoppers are used in applications where elevated temperatures are involved.
  3. Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals: PTFE stoppers may be used in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries for sealing containers during the handling and storage of sensitive substances.
  4. Gas Handling: PTFE stoppers are suitable for applications involving gases due to their low permeability and resistance to gas diffusion.
  5. Laboratory Glassware Sealing: PTFE stoppers can be used to seal openings in laboratory glassware, providing a secure closure for flasks, bottles, or tubes.
  6. Quality Control: Laboratories adhering to ASTM standards may use PTFE stoppers in quality control processes to ensure that laboratory materials and containers meet specific criteria.
  7. Electrochemical Applications: PTFE’s chemical resistance makes it suitable for applications involving electrochemical processes.
  8. Nonstick Properties: PTFE’s nonstick properties make it useful in applications where adherence of substances to the stopper surface needs to be minimized.
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