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Chemical Resistant

Part No. FEMALE Joint MALE Joint MALE Joint WITH TIP Pack QTY.
2100-14F14M 14/10 14/10 14/10 10
2100-14F14M-A 14/20 14/20 14/20 10
2100-19F19M 19/22 19/22 19/22 10
2100-24F24M 24/40 24/40 24/40 10
2100-29F29M 29/42 29/42 29/42 10


Applications for a distilling adapter in a laboratory setting:

  1. Fractional Distillation: Distilling adapters are commonly used in fractional distillation setups. They allow for the separation of components in a mixture based on differences in their boiling points. The adapter is an essential component in the distillation column, facilitating the condensation and collection of vaporized fractions.
  2. Simple Distillation: In simpler distillation setups, the distilling adapter may be used to connect the boiling flask to a condenser, allowing for the collection of the distilled liquid.
  3. Chemical Synthesis: Distilling adapters can be used in chemical synthesis processes where the separation of components through distillation is required. This is common in the purification of reaction products or isolation of specific compounds.
  4. Solvent Recovery: In laboratories where solvents are used, distilling adapters may be employed to recover and recycle solvents through distillation.
  5. Purification of Liquids: Distillation is often used for the purification of liquids, and the distilling adapter plays a crucial role in directing vapor flow and facilitating condensation.
  6. Teaching and Demonstrations: Distilling setups, including distilling adapters, are commonly used in educational settings for teaching and demonstrating principles of distillation to students.
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