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3730-Measuring Cylinder with USP Grade, Class A, Hex Base


3730-Measuring Cylinder with USP Grade, Class A, Hex Base

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  • With conformity batch certificate
  • Printed in amber enamel
PART No. Capacity (ml) SUB DIVISION (ml) ±Tol.(ml)

Pack QTY.
3730-5 5 0.1 0.05 2
3730-10 10 0.2 0.10 2
3730-25 25 0.5 0.15 2
3730-50 50 1.0 0.25 2
3730-100 100 1.0 0.50 2
3730-250 250 2.0 1.00 2
3730-500 500 5.0 1.50 2

Here are some common uses for a measuring cylinder with USP Grade, Class A, and a hex base:

  1. Pharmaceutical Formulations: Measuring cylinders meeting USP Grade Class A standards are commonly used in pharmaceutical laboratories for accurately measuring and dispensing liquid components during the formulation of medications.
  2. Quality Control in Pharmaceuticals: These measuring cylinders are employed for quality control processes in the pharmaceutical industry. Ensuring that measurements meet USP standards is essential for maintaining the quality, efficacy, and safety of pharmaceutical products.
  3. Analytical Chemistry: In analytical chemistry, especially in pharmaceutical analysis, USP Grade Class A measuring cylinders with a hex base are utilized for precise volume measurements required in analytical methods and procedures.
  4. Clinical Laboratories: Laboratories in clinical settings use measuring cylinders meeting USP standards for accurate volume measurements, especially in diagnostic tests and medical research.
  5. Biotechnology Research: Measuring cylinders with USP Grade Class A may find applications in biotechnology research, particularly when working with precise concentrations of solutions or reagents in experiments and assays.
  6. Reference Standards: These measuring cylinders may be used as reference standards in laboratories, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of volume measurements across various applications and experiments.
  7. Hex Base Stability: The hexagonal base design provides stability during measurements, reducing the risk of accidental spills or tipping over. This stability is particularly important in applications requiring precision.
  8. Preparation of Standards: Measuring cylinders meeting USP standards are valuable for preparing standard solutions with precise concentrations. These standards are crucial for calibration and validation in analytical methods.
  9. Environmental Analysis: In environmental laboratories, where precise measurements are necessary for water quality analysis or pollution monitoring, USP Grade Class A measuring cylinders may be employed.
  10. Research and Development: These measuring cylinders are used in various research and development settings where accuracy and precision are paramount, such as in the development of new pharmaceuticals or analytical methods.
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