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4710-Beakers, Low Form Griffin with Double Metric Scale ASTM


4710-Beakers, Low Form Griffin with Double Metric Scale ASTM

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  • Complies with ASTM E-960, TYPE 1
  • Printed in white colour enamel
  • Large labeling field for easy marking
  • Uniform wall thickness
  • Ideal for heating liquids
  • Printed in double scale
  • Highly resistant to chemical attack
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Graduation Interval (ml) Graduation Range (ml) PACK Qty.
4710-10 10 NA NA 12
4710-20 20 5 5 to 15 12
4710-30 30 5 5 to 25 12
4710-50 50 5 10 to 45 12
4710-100 100 10 20 to 80 12
4710-150 150 10 20 to 140 12
4710-250 250 25 25 to 200 12
4710-400 400 25 25 to 325 12
4710-600 600 50 50 to500 6
4710-1000 1000 50 50 to 1000 6
4710-2000 2000 100 200  to 1800 2
4710-4000 4000 250 250 to 3500 1

Here are some common uses for these beakers in a laboratory setting:

  1. Mixing and Stirring: Low-form Griffin beakers are frequently used for general mixing and stirring of liquids, solutions, or reagents. The flat, broad base provides stability during stirring.
  2. Reagent Preparation: These beakers are suitable for preparing and measuring reagents before experiments. The double metric scale allows for accurate volume measurements in both milliliters and fluid ounces.
  3. Sample Storage: Beakers are often used for temporary storage of liquid samples during experiments. The wide mouth facilitates easy pouring and transfer of liquids.
  4. Heating: The beakers can be placed on a hot plate or over a Bunsen burner for heating liquids. The low form provides a larger surface area for more efficient heating.
  5. Titration: Beakers are commonly used in titration experiments, where precise measurements and mixing of titrants are essential. The double metric scale aids in accurate volume readings.
  6. Dilution: These beakers are suitable for diluting solutions to specific concentrations. The double metric scale allows for precise volume adjustments.
  7. Solution Transfer: The beakers can be used for transferring solutions from one container to another. The spout design assists in controlled pouring.
  8. Educational Purposes: Low-form Griffin beakers with double metric scales are commonly used in educational laboratories for teaching basic principles of chemistry and laboratory techniques.
  9. Quality Control Testing: In industrial and quality control laboratories, these beakers may be used for various testing and quality control procedures where accurate volume measurements are required.
  10. Media Preparation: In microbiology and cell culture laboratories, these beakers may be used for preparing and measuring growth media.
  11. Solvent Handling: Beakers are suitable for handling various solvents in laboratory processes.
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