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6810-Separating Funnel, Globe (Long Stem) with PTFE Plug, ASTM


6810-Separating Funnel, Globe (Long Stem) with PTFE Plug, ASTM

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  • With Glass Stopper & PTFE Plug Stopcock
PART  No. Capacity (ml) Stopcock Bore (mm) Stopper Length of STEM (mm) PACK Qty.
6810-30 30 2 16 175 1
6810-60 60 2 16 175 1
6810-125 125 2 22 175 1
6810-250 250 2 22 175 1
6810-500 500 4 27 175 1
6810-1000 1000 4 27 175 1
6810-2000 2000 6 38 130 1
6810-4000 4000 8 38 135 1
6810-6000 6000 8 38 135 1

Here are some common uses for a separating funnel with a globe shape, long stem, and PTFE plug in accordance with ASTM standards:

  1. Liquid-Liquid Extraction:
    • Separating funnels are commonly used for liquid-liquid extractions where two immiscible liquids (usually water and an organic solvent) are separated based on their densities.
  2. Sample Partitioning:
    • In analytical chemistry, separating funnels with PTFE plugs are used for partitioning samples between two phases to isolate specific compounds or analytes.
  3. Purification Processes:
    • Separating funnels are employed in various purification processes, where impurities or unwanted substances are separated from the desired product through liquid-liquid extraction.
  4. Phase Separation:
    • The PTFE plug in the separating funnel allows for precise control of the flow, aiding in the separation of two phases without mixing.
  5. Chemical Synthesis:
    • In chemical laboratories, these separating funnels are used in the synthesis of compounds, allowing for the separation of reaction mixtures into organic and aqueous phases.
  6. Solvent Recovery:
    • Separating funnels can be used in processes where solvents need to be recovered from reaction mixtures. The plug helps in draining and collecting specific layers.
  7. Sample Cleanup:
    • Prior to analysis, separating funnels are used for cleanup procedures, removing unwanted substances or interfering compounds from a sample matrix.
  8. Fractionation:
    • These funnels are useful for fractionating mixtures, separating components based on their solubility in different phases.
  9. Analytical Chemistry:
    • Separating funnels are a common tool in analytical laboratories for sample preparation, allowing for the extraction and separation of analytes.
  10. Research and Development:
    • In research settings, separating funnels with PTFE plugs are used for various experimental procedures requiring liquid-liquid extractions and phase separations.
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