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7220-Funnel, Powder with Cone, ASTM


7220-Funnel, Powder with Cone, ASTM

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  • For introduction of liquids or powders into containers having the same joint.
  • Funnel design promotes free flow.
  • Provides smooth surface for transfer of material.
PART  No. Approx Funnel Dia. (mm) Joint PACK Qty.
7220-100-24 100 24/40 10
7220-100-29 100 29/26 10
7220-100-29-A 100 29/42 10
7220-100-45 100 45/50 10
7220-125-24 125 24/40 10
7220-125-29 125 29/42 10
7220-150-45 150 45/50 10

Here are some common uses of a powder funnel with a cone, meeting ASTM specifications:

  1. Sample Preparation: Powder funnels with a cone are often used in sample preparation processes, allowing controlled and precise transfer of powdered samples into containers or analytical instruments.
  2. ASTM Standard Compliance: ASTM standards provide specifications for the design and dimensions of laboratory equipment, including funnels. Using a powder funnel that conforms to ASTM standards ensures consistency and reliability in experimental procedures.
  3. Powder Dispensing: The cone shape of the funnel facilitates the controlled dispensing of powders into containers, reaction vessels, or other apparatus, preventing spills and ensuring accuracy in the quantity of powder transferred.
  4. Powder Funneling into Vessels: The funnel is used to guide and direct the flow of powder into various vessels, such as reaction flasks, beakers, or containers, with precision and minimal waste.
  5. Filtering and Filtration: Powder funnels with a cone may be used in conjunction with filter papers or membranes for tasks that involve filtration. The funnel allows for the addition of powders onto the filter medium in a controlled manner.
  6. Pharmaceutical and Chemical Processes: In pharmaceutical and chemical laboratories, powder funnels are utilized in various processes, including the addition of powdered reagents or ingredients to mixtures or reactions.
  7. Consistent Powder Flow: The cone shape helps in achieving a consistent and controlled flow of powder, reducing the likelihood of clogging or uneven distribution.
  8. Quality Control Testing: ASTM-compliant powder funnels may be used in quality control testing procedures, where precise measurements and standardized equipment are essential.
  9. Calibration Standards: ASTM standards often include specifications for the dimensions and tolerances of laboratory equipment. Powder funnels meeting these standards can be used as part of calibration procedures in laboratories.
  10. Educational Laboratories: Powder funnels with cones conforming to ASTM standards are commonly used in educational laboratories to teach proper laboratory techniques and ensure consistency in experimental setups.
  11. Research Applications: Research laboratories may use ASTM-compliant powder funnels for various experimental procedures, ensuring that equipment meets recognized standards for accuracy and reliability.
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