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8140-Rotary Vacuum Evaporator


8140-Rotary Vacuum Evaporator

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  • We offer Rotary Vacuum Evaporator that has unit base made of thick M.S sheet coated with a layer of epoxy based polyester paint providing a scratch less & chemical resistant surface.
  • General drive unit offers a smooth speed rotation precisely controlled with analog knobs.
  • Double walled bath-seamless inner vessel SS 304 & outer AL, provided with high grade insulation to eluminate heat loss.
  • Digital temperature indicator cum controller, temperature control from ambient plus 50 C to 1800 C.

The short form or abbreviation for “Rotary Vacuum Evaporator” is often written as “Rotavap.” This laboratory equipment is used for distillation, concentration, and drying of liquids in a gentle and efficient manner under vacuum. The “Rotavap” is a widely used term in scientific and research contexts when referring to this specific type of rotary evaporator.

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