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8470-Stirrer PP


8470-Stirrer PP

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  • Made of Polypropylene
  • Useful for stirring different solutions in the laboratory
  • Are tough and long lasting
PART  No. Length Dia. (mm) Pack Qty.
8470-150 150 6 12
8470-200 200 7 12
8470-250 250 7 12
8470-300 300 7 12
8470-250-A 250 10 12


  1. Laboratory Mixing: Used for stirring and mixing liquids or solutions in laboratory settings.
  2. Chemical Reactions: Applied in chemical laboratories for blending reagents during experiments and reactions.
  3. Sample Homogenization: Utilized to homogenize samples, ensuring uniformity in analytical and research procedures.
  4. Biotechnology: Employed in biotechnology processes for mixing components in various applications.
  5. Quality Control: Used in quality control labs for ensuring consistency and homogeneity in test samples.
  6. Educational Demonstrations: Applied in educational laboratories to demonstrate principles of mixing and stirring.
  7. Low to Moderate Agitation: Suitable for low to moderate agitation requirements in diverse scientific disciplines.
  8. Polypropylene Construction: Ideal for applications where chemical resistance and durability of polypropylene are desirable.
  9. General Laboratory Stirring: Commonly used for general-purpose stirring in a laboratory environment.
  10. Cost-Effective Solution: Provides a cost-effective option for routine laboratory mixing needs.
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