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8530-Jars Specimen


8530-Jars Specimen

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  • Made from Soda glass
  • Specially blown to give sturdiness and long life
  • Top edges are flat ground
  • Not recommended for use over a direct flame or on a hot plate
  • Covers are made from soda glass
PART  No. Approx Quantity

H x L x W (mm)

Pack Qty.
8530-215 215 X 100 X 140 1
8530-210 210 X 170 X 130 1
8530-220 220 X 140 X 140 1
8530-225 225 X 225 X 125 1
8530-250 250 X 250 X 150 1


  1. Laboratory Specimen Storage: Used for the containment and preservation of biological specimens in laboratory settings.
  2. Tissue Samples: Ideal for storing tissue samples for research, pathology, or medical diagnostics.
  3. Chemical Preservatives: Allows for the use of chemical preservatives to maintain the integrity of specimens over time.
  4. Biorepository: Used in biorepository facilities for the long-term storage of specimens for future research.
  5. Pathology Laboratories: Commonly employed in pathology labs for storing specimens related to disease diagnosis.
  6. Environmental Samples: Used for storing environmental samples, such as soil, water, or air specimens.
  7. Entomology Collections: Suitable for entomologists storing insect specimens for research or educational purposes.
  8. Botanical Specimens: Used for preserving plant specimens in botanical collections or herbaria.
  9. Microbial Cultures: Ideal for containing and preserving microbial cultures for microbiological studies.
  10. Education and Research: Applied in educational institutions and research facilities for specimen storage and study.
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