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9010-Spatula, Knife


9010-Spatula, Knife

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  • Material SS grade 202
  • Available with Wooden Handle
PART  No. Size (mm) Pack Qty.
9010-100 100 6
9010-150 150 6
9010-200 200 6
9010-250 250 6
9010-300 300 6

A spatula knife in the lab is a versatile tool used for:

  1. Cutting and Trimming:
    • Precision Cuts: Allows precise cutting of samples, materials, or membranes.
    • Trimming: Useful for refining shapes or sizes in laboratory work.
  2. Sample Manipulation:
    • Dividing Samples: Splits samples with accuracy for further analysis.
    • Sectioning: Facilitates the separation of materials during experiments.
  3. Handling:
    • Transferring: Transfers materials with a sharp edge for controlled placement.
    • Picking and Placing: Aids in picking up and placing small samples or components.
  4. Versatility:
    • Dual Functionality: Combines the features of a spatula and a knife.
    • Multiple Uses: Suitable for various cutting and handling tasks in the lab.
  5. Laboratory Efficiency:
    • Time Efficiency: Enhances efficiency in sample preparation and manipulation.
    • Reduced Tool Requirement: Reduces the need for separate tools with dual functionality.
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