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Moon globe has been enjoyed by students, astronomers, scientist and professors as well as anyone that has interest in the moon. This moon globe from replogle globes is the classic reference for our mother planet’s natural satellite.

Silent features:

  • 30cm Dia.
  • Depicts the geographical features of the Earth’s moon.
  • Shows craters, “seas” and mountains.
  • Highly detailed and accurate.
  • NASA approved.
  • With clear plastic base.
  • Non-illuminated.

A Moon globe is a representation of the Moon’s surface, and its uses in short form include:

  1. Astronomy Education:
    • Enhance astronomy education by providing a tangible representation of the Moon’s features.
  2. Lunar Exploration Planning:
    • Assist in planning lunar missions and exploring potential landing sites.
  3. Observational Reference:
    • Serve as a reference tool for astronomers and amateur stargazers observing the Moon.
  4. Scientific Research:
    • Aid scientists in studying lunar geology, craters, and surface composition.
  5. Space Exploration Visualization:
    • Visualize the Moon’s surface for space enthusiasts and those interested in space exploration.
  6. Historical Studies:
    • Provide context for historical lunar missions and the study of lunar history.
  7. Educational Tool:
    • Enhance educational settings by offering a hands-on representation of lunar geography.
  8. Artistic and Cultural Representations:
    • Inspire artistic and cultural expressions related to the Moon and space.
  9. Spatial Orientation:
    • Assist in understanding the Moon’s topography and spatial relationships between lunar features.
  10. Public Outreach:
    • Engage the public in lunar exploration and space science through visual representation.
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