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Part No. Type Size (cm)
9970-A World discoveries & colonization (1763) 100 x 70
9970-B The American war of independence 100 x 70
9970-C The French revolution part – I (1789) 100 x 70
9970-D The French revolution part – Ii (1884) 100 x 70
9970-E Napoleon’s empire (1789-1812) 100 x 70
9970-F Struggle for the unification in Italy 100 x 70
9970-G Struggle for the unification of Germany 100 x 70
9970-H The American civil war 100 x 70
9970-I First world war (1914-18) 100 x 70
9970-J Europe after the first world war in 1924 100 x 70
9970-K World war ii in Europe 100 x 70
9970-L Second world war in pacific & Asia 100 x 70
9970-M The imperialist expansion in Africa (1914) 100 x 70
9970-N The imperialist expansion in Africa (1967) 100 x 70
9970-O The imperialist expansion in Asia (1914) 100 x 70
9970-P The imperialist expansion in Asia (1967) 100 x 70

World and European history charts serve various purposes in short form:

  1. Educational Tool:
    • Enhance history education by providing visual timelines, events, and historical contexts.
  2. Curriculum Support:
    • Aid teachers and students in curriculum-based learning, reinforcing historical concepts.
  3. Timeline Reference:
    • Offer a quick reference for key historical events, timelines, and developments.
  4. Visualizing Periods:
    • Provide a visual representation of different historical periods, facilitating understanding.
  5. Cultural and Social History:
    • Illustrate cultural and social changes over time, helping to contextualize historical eras.
  6. Geopolitical Changes:
    • Depict geopolitical shifts, boundaries, and major political events in world and European history.
  7. Comparative Analysis:
    • Facilitate comparative analysis of historical developments between different regions and time periods.
  8. Museum Displays:
    • Serve as informational displays in museums, exhibitions, and cultural institutions.
  9. Research and Study Aid:
    • Assist researchers and historians in visualizing and organizing historical data.
  10. Public Awareness:
    • Raise public awareness about significant historical events, fostering historical literacy.
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